Themed Nights to Keep Custom Steady at your Pub

It’s easy enough to fill the seats of your pub on say a Friday or Saturday night when the weekend is in full swing and the majority of customers don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning but what about those week nights? It’s often much harder to bring in enough custom during the week to keep you ticking over, many pubs have turned to selling food to help keep custom regular but this might not be what you want to do personally. Fear not though, that isn’t the only way, here are a few simple ideas that can help draw crowds throughout the week and hopefully drive up those numbers for you.

Competition Nights

I don’t need to tell you that a pub quiz can bring folk into your dwellings, it is an age-old classic after all. What I’m suggesting is that you mix it up a bit, it doesn’t just have to be quizzes that regulars compete in, why not bring things like board game nights into your pub? Games like Jenga, Connect Four or Dominoes are simple enough that anyone can enjoy them, offer out prizes and your sure to make new regulars in no time at all. It’s always worth seeing what the locals enjoy, who knows maybe there’s a large following of Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer nearby? Provide these players with a space and they’ll no doubt be buying drinks whilst adding a bit of character to the establishment.


Following the theme of local interests why not see what clubs you could form with your pub as a local HQ? Everyone loves a friendly atmosphere and accepting interests in all shapes and sizes is a certain way to create a good, warm reputation amongst the community. Are their plenty of knitting fanatics nearby? Then start up a club for people who just want to knit away and have a chat. Maybe there’s large fishing following in your town? Or people that rave about rambling? Whatever the interest by making your pub the meet up point you won’t just guarantee custom, you’ll guarantee regular custom and a great atmosphere.

Local Music

Speaking of a good atmosphere nothing can brighten the spirits like a bit of music, now I’m not talking about filling the corner of your pub with whopping great speakers and blaring out the latest hits, I’m talking about local talents performing acoustically for all to enjoy. Ideally, you’ll want to pick something that matches your pub, often folk music is great as it really gives of the vibes of a traditional pub, something that many believe will soon be lost. If that isn’t your thing though not to worry, pick what suits best for your place, just make sure it doesn’t dominate the room. The idea is that you’re creating an atmosphere, somewhere that people can still talk amongst themselves if they so wish or bob away, you don’t want to alienate anyone. Again, tap into your local community and become a part of it.

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