Pub Going Down? Here’s How to Turn It Up

Keeping your clients happy is not always an easy job. With the decrease of pub business, prices going up and household budgets going down, sometimes it might feel the end is about to happen for the bar industry. However, a good atmosphere and great service can make the difference between a failing pub and a turned-around place where people want to come back time after time. If you’re thinking on getting into this area and are balancing options or if you’re struggling with your business, here are some tips to make it work!


Changing the looks of the place is a good way to start a relaunch of a business, giving you extra selling points. People like pubs that feel cozy and welcoming, so you can add fireplaces, armchairs and sturdy tables that steal the attention of everybody else. If you’re going for a theme, go all-in! Include it in decoration, food, drinks and related events.

Quality Products

Pubs were originally made for drinking and nothing more, but nowadays businesses get most of their profits from selling food. Give your clients reasons to come back: if they’re acquiring a product, they want it to be good. Don’t try to cut corners on something the customers are putting into their mouths, so focus on quality.

Decide what type of food you’re offering and accompany it with a good drinking selection that goes well with the dishes. Ales made a comeback and have been really popular lately, so always keep in mind a classic-but-modern beers menu.


A good activities billboard is also a way to keep the customers coming, and a really entertaining event will keep them in the bar consuming for a longer time. Try to vary the options, like live music, game nights, poetry, quizzes or sports events. If you have multiple rooms you can offer different atmospheres for every one of them or you can choose one for events and one for a uninterrupted simple pub atmosphere.  


You don’t only need a great pub to make it successful, you also need to know how to sell it. A proper marketing plan can be a hit move in your business plan, specially now with the use and influence of social media. You will need your own accounts with regular updates, a good design and visual presence and maybe a whole new aspect and rebranding directed by an expert.

Even though is really important to be visible where people are putting their eyes at, mouth-to-mouth still a really good marketing indicator, so once you’ve come up with these ideas and refreshing, new customers will start arriving.


The people serving and attending your business are your eyes and hands, so you need to choose them carefully. A bad interaction can make people go away, so great impressions and a high quality customer service are a must. You will want trustworthy friendly people, so consider that when you’re doing interviews for every single one of the vacants. Not only bartenders and waiters are needed: make an organization of your ideal team and keep in mind roles related to management and security.

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