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How to Make Your Pub Stand Out from the Crowd

The bar and pub industry is super competitive, as new bars tend to pop up more and more everyday. If your pub is situated on a busy street in a large city such as New York or Los Angeles, it can be very hard to get your pub to stand out. In order to bring in new business and keep existing customers, you have to be innovative. Businesses that do not evolve, don’t go very far, so it’s extremely important that you constantly find new ways to grow your customers and stay at the forefront of their minds when they think about having a night out. Here’s how you can make your pub stand out from the crowd.

Offer happy hour and incentives

Attract new customers and make the existing ones happy by offering happy hour. Happy hour is a set of hours where you offer drinks at a discounted price. Put up signs that display when happy hour takes place. Also, offer incentives for your customers. Give loyal customers a free drink or menu item after visiting so many times or after spending a certain amount. This will make customers happy and also result in them speaking well on your establishment, and everyone knows that word of mouth is the best marketing tool.

Bar with alcohol bottles and glasses
Bar with alcohol bottles and glasses

Offer mixology classes

Offer cooking or mixology classes at your pub during off hours or team up with a non-competitive business such as a liquor store or cookware store to have someone from your establishment host the classes. This will get people curious about your place of business and more than likely bring in new customers. Also, you can host wine and drink tastings at your pub. By constantly adding new and unique drinks to your menu, not only are you staying ahead of the game, but you’re being new and fresh. People always want to try new things, so allowing customers to try your latest drink creation is a win win for both of you.

Allow private events

Allowing private events at your establishment is a no-brainer. You could designate space in your pub, if big enough, for these gathers, or simply offer up the whole space for a nice price. Allowing customers to rent out your space for parties, gatherings, and events is a no-brainer, because not only are they paying you to rent out the space, but they’re going to have people at their event who could turn into customers for you.

Host game nights

Hosting game nights is a great way to boost business and will allow you to really stand out. So many people love to play games while drinking. Instead of having your customers play roulette online, bring the roulette wheel to them. Casino lovers enjoy slots, set up slot machines a few nights out of the month. Offer poker, spades, and card games where players can team up. People love to compete, and the more they play, the more drinks you’re going to sell.

Host holiday parties

Hosting holiday parties is another way to make customers happy and make them feel appreciated. Host Christmas and New Years Eve parties, allowing people who wear holiday attire to get in free. Serve special holiday drinks, have the best foods, and even play games. For Father’s Day, you could allow fathers to get in for free and offer a special menu of drinks especially for fathers. Do the same thing for Mother’s Day. On the Fourth of July, let off fireworks if you’re situated in an area that allows it. There’s so many ways that you could be creative by taking advantage of the holidays, and if no other bars or pubs are doing it, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Stay ahead of trends

One way to really set yourself apart is to always think ahead and be innovative. Stay ahead of any trends related to your industry. For example, if you notice that the craft distilling movement is trending, of course, you’re going to add a premium craft beer to your menu. Also, use pop culture to your advantage. Use current trends as a marketing tool. Get on social media and tweet using the most popular hashtags, and if there’s a really big story trending, name a drink after the person or thing trending. There’s so many ways to stay ahead of trends and appeal to your audience.

Cocktail setting on counter
Cocktail setting on counter

Have amazing customer service

This one goes without saying. The customer always comes first. Always focus on serving your customers and providing them with amazing customer service. Be flexible in making your customers happy and go out of your way to make them comfortable. Making sure that the customer has a consistent experience with you each time they visit is also key. When hiring your staff, make sure you’re hiring staff members and bartenders who value customer service and who are aligned with the type of reputation you want your pub to uphold.