Fun Bar Games that Won’t Ruin Your Decor

Bar games sound like a great idea until a dart shatters your most expensive bottle or your foosball table gets routinely showered in beer. Let’s face it, mixing fragile objects with drunk patrons is never a good idea. That’s why we compiled a list of easier to handle games that won’t ruin your bar:

Cards Against Humanity

This is one of those low-risk high-rewards types of deals. Everyone loves Cards Against Humanity, they really aren’t that expensive, and you don’t have to worry about any aspect of this game ruining any part of your bar. Plus, they’re really low-maintenance so it’s not like you’re going to have to deal with any special accommodations. You could host a special Cards Against Humanity night or just have a deck on hand at any time.

Dice Games

If you like the simplicity of the first entry, you’ll really enjoy this one cause it’s even more low-maintenance. Dice can really offer lots of possibilities at a very low cost. You can get started by letting your patrons try their luck against your bartender. Assign different values to the numbers (a 1 can mean a dollar off the check, a 2 a double on the house, and so on), and have them roll when ordering.

You can also have dice on the table for the traditional Bar Dice. If you’ve been around the bar scene for long, chances are you know the game. If you don’t, it’s a simple game patrons play to see who gets the next round. All players roll dices and whoever gets the lowest score, has to pay.

Have a Wall of Fame

This is the best way to make your patrons love you, and it requires minimal effort. Clear up a wall and get a little competition started among them. Offer a champion title to whoever is capable of eating your spiciest chicken wings in under 30 minutes, or to the one who drinks all of your craft beers in under 30 days.

People will love feeling like they’re actually part of a place and seeing their names out there in the middle of the bar will make them feel like you’re acknowledging their presence. Plus, it will intrigue newcomers and passersby, maybe even enough to turn them into regulars.

Retro Gaming Night

Retro gaming is having a moment. Well, 80s and 90s nostalgia seems to be having a never-ending moment and retro gaming is part of that. What’s even greater is that nostalgia’s not probably not going to go away any time soon so you can take advantage of it for a long time. Super Nintendos are back, and there are even people playing old Mario games on streaming channels with huge followings. Why not jump in the bandwagon and have a retro gaming night?

Nowadays is pretty easy to find an old console in good conditions, and though the more popular games are a little pricier, you could get lots of others at really cheap cost. They will require a lot more care than the rest of the items of this list but they’re worth it.

Remember that bar games don’t have to be elaborate or super expensive. Actually, all you need to do is get to know your audience and be creative about how to make their time in your bar even better. You don’t need a big investment, just lots of imagination.

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