Exclusive Interior Attracts More Customers

Exclusive Interior Attracts More Customers

Does it matter at which restaurant to dine with friends or to sit down for a cup of coffee in a cafe? There is a tendency in the world that those hotels, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs that invest not only in the quality of food and services, but also in the interior, receive a larger number of visitors.

Sad Trends

The most important element of typical fashionable interiors of many bars, restaurants, cafes, or night clubs is the atmosphere of luxury. But luxury must be created through good materials, high quality of work, handmade details, good service. If there is no money for that, the image of luxury is created by cheap things through ornate light bulbs, black-painted walls, and ceilings, illuminated brick walls. Even the chairs in many bars are the same, and the bars were arranged according to a couple of the same patterns: either a solid wood bar with a brick wall and shelves lit up behind it, or just a black bar with black painted metal shelves and a mirror.

Cafes in the old towns are obliged to scrape the walls until they reach the red bricks and clean them in such a way that it becomes difficult to understand whether the masonry is authentic or an imitation. If a less capricious, family-oriented bars are opened, then drawings on the walls with an extremely low artistic level become a mandatory attribute. The themes of the drawings are very simple. If the restaurant targets the cuisine of a specific region, then they are looking for something that reminds of that region and pretend that this is a piece of art. Such places can be recognized from a distance. At the entrance are torches or gas heaters with an open flame, there is a lot of unnecessary cheap luxury inside, and an overflow with LED bulbs.

The Recommendations

True luxury is often modesty and natural materials. That delicate balance between modest simplicity but not inferiority shows the professionalism of the interior designer, the refined taste of the visitors and the owners. Even the signs and the entrance to such places are emphatically simple aesthetics, and the works of art inside are of a high standard. The luxurious environment does not have to be very original.

The most important thing is to be true to yourself and get rid of unnecessary and capricious details. The best simple interiors are created with the purification of the available space in mind. Interiors, unlike architecture, are never created from scratch as they are always created in an already existing space. Even a new building has history and meaning, as a result, it can always be resisted. The idea itself is very important for the interior, the concept of the interior, which sends a certain message to the customer not only about the services, but also the company’s values, as if it is telling a certain story, which helps the customer to identify more easily and becomes an additional attraction. Remember, the less is always more!

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