Drink Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019


According to recent studies in the UK, between 2003 and 2017 alcohol consumption has fallen from an average of 3.07 units per day to 2.57 units per day. It would seem that the health conscious and younger generations are turning away from the boozy culture, in fact the amount of people who don’t drink at all in Britain has risen to 5.4 million in total. Drinks companies have recognised this trend and are responding in kind by releasing low or none alcohol-based products like alcohol-free spirits, 0.5% wines and even more beers which seem to be getting more and more popular by the year with around 43 million pints of the stuff being sold in 2018.


The gin craze is still in full swing with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon, companies now offer more flavours than you can imagine. This means that everyone and their grans will be able to find a flavour that suits them in order to take part in what is titles ‘the Ginaissance’ (seriously, I even saw a ‘Christmas’ flavoured one the other day). Flavoured gins are huge at the moment, in 2018 they accumulated sales of around £165 million which is nearly nine times the amount as the year before. Who knows how long this movement will last? It’s worth jumping aboard the gin train whilst the party is in full swing though.

Craft Beer to the Extreme

Craft Beer was once the much-loved drink of the hipster, however since its early favour it has fallen into their most feared of destinations, the mainstream. Naturally this has left those most particular of trend setters without a beloved staple drink, so what’s next? Hops are clearly part of the hipster’s DNA as instead of finding a new drink they’ve simply made their craft beers even craftier, trying out new tricks and ingredients in order to make theirs unique. Harbour Brewing Co produce a fine example of this stuff, they’ve actually bought their own farmland in order to grow their own wild herbs and cultivate their own yeast. They won’t have to worry about hitting the mainstream any time soon, unless of course they sell out.

Hybrid Drinks

Hybrid drinks are a relatively new player on the field and they’ve been appealing to the younger crowd who seem to enjoy the novelty aspect of drinking. Some make sense whilst others sound revolting but all get tried nevertheless. Take for example Glenfiddich, they’ve released a single malt that’s finished in IPA barrels to give it a hoppy twang. There’s a drink called Nuvo sparkling wine liqueur that is made with said sparkling wine as well as vodka. Or for something particularly sinister there is rumquila and vodquila, these are as you can imagine a combination of rum or vodka with tequila, a drink that can surely only end in lost memories, broken dreams and one of the most miserable hangovers of your life. Still it’s what the youth is into!

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