Design Tips to Boost Your Pub

Visual attraction is one of the main reasons people visit places. Looks are really important, not for a superficial reason, just because you’ll always incline for an aesthetical place that makes you feel good from the moment you get in. That being said, visuals are something you really need to pay attention to, so people will want to come over and over again. If you have a pretty photogenic place, people will take pictures and will upload them to their social media, something that assures your new customers will be watching. Follow these simple advices and make sure your pub is the place to be!


First impressions matter, a lot. Many people decide whether to go in or not based on how the bar looks on the outside, so this unconscious process needs to work in your favor. Make a big difference by using colour effectively that make you stand out from the rest, a clear sign with your name and a good representation of your pub’s culture, get rid of everything you don’t want people to see like old signages, stickers and other clutter and maintain a clean, polished, well painted lobby. Flowers and plants are and excellent plus to any entrance, giving your place a vivid sensation that goes amazing with any colour.

Attracting Women

Is widely known that usually women make the decision of where to go, whether is with friends, partners or family. Women make decisions faster than men, so if they see a place that looks intimidating, they will not go in. A women-friendly pub can be a total improvement, so make it welcoming and comfortable for them. Dark, masculine fronts with pool tables and sports pictures are a big no for them, so change it for a good lightning, a cosy welcome, clean and smart fabrics and comfortable pristine bathrooms with hangers and warm water.

Let Me Take a Selfie

As we said before, a photogenic place is a place where people want to be. If you have a quirky corner, a special piece of furniture or a fun decoration, make the most out of it and convert it into a selfie spot. Make a sign or encourage people to upload a photo in that place for a special discount, and make sure your name and brand are all over so you won’t miss the publicity opportunity. It doesn’t even have to be inside the pub, make it original and fun so people enjoy while they interact with your place!

FFF: Food for Fun

Serving food has become a main trait of pubs, so it needs to be good. But you can take it a step further and integrate the food to the experience of visiting your bar: consider an open kitchen or a great window to look at your food being prepared (this one helps preventing smells), something that will give you both confidence and entertainment! Make sure your kitchen is visually appealing and unclutter, and schedule special nights with great chefs that can cook with a twist of a show for a very entertaining night.

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