Basic Guide to Partnering for Profit

You might have heard it, but don’t know how it works. Fortunately, you’re in the right place! The term ‘partnering for profit’ refers to events hosted at your pub by charities or organizations, where both businesses are able to make some money and advertising while helping each other.

Since fundraisers tend to be fun events with a lot more appeal than just clicking a button to donate, organizations take a lot of advantage of these type of events, while the pub gets a huge amount of clients that might actually stay for longer, starting a great customer loyalty relationship. Having a fundraiser at your pub is also a great way to connect with your community, so here’s some things you need to keep in mind before assembling these events.

Reasons to Host a Fundraiser

One of the main motivations to do it is that it represents an increase in sales. If you choose your slower nights to warm them up with some charity events, you can take advantage of an otherwise low-income day and bring a lot of people to your place. This can also mean new customers, because a lot of new people that might not go by themselves to your pub are going to get in touch with the experience you have to offer and stay loyal to your services.

The biggest reason to host them, nevertheless, is the opportunity to give back to your community while you do what you know to do best: serve!

Choosing charity events over any other type of hosting can be a good way to be in touch with initiatives that matter to you, something that can also give you great publicity and a good list of organizations that might me interested in doing their events at your place.

Assure Success

A positive result will come from a team effort between your team and the organization one. Distribute tasks so everyone is sure of their role, let the charity team take care of the people attending and stay focused on offering the best service you can give. Princes that are going to be charged that day must be established before the event begins and inform this to the organization team so they can spread the voice and answer questions about it. You can decide whether to charge the same or change the prices up or down according to your strategy.


Even though this is not a rule, you should make sure you give a donation to the cause beside your work hosting the event. If you don’t want to write a check and decide to make it fun, you can find a lot of creative ways to help the fundraise and donate. For example, you can create a special drink for the event and donate all the sales from the specialty to the cause once the event is over, or you can give a percentage of your choosing of all of the sales made during that night. If you’re worried about how that number might increase during the night, you can also choose to give a lump sum donation, and even make some fuzz with the announcement to make it a part of the event.

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