Bad Online Reviews? Here’s How to Manage Them

Sharing your experience as a consumer is as easy as ever, and online reviews have become a huge part of the service industry. With platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor where you can share any type of opinions about the places you visit, living in a moment of history where customer reviews can make or break your pub might be hard to handle. Approaching unsatisfied clients might be a little bit difficult, but good reviews can be a boost for your business, so keep these tips in mind to make your business a place people would recommend.

The Power of Social Media

As the owner of a pub or restaurant, your success belongs to your clients and their opinions of your business, so you need to make sure is the best one. For this, a good online presence is a good way to start. Posting your events and promotions, making exciting campaigns on your social networks, creating contests and sharing new menu items or drinks is perfect for building a reputation and giving possible customers a great first impression.

Doing Some Research

Happy customers are easy to manage, but negative reviews might make your work a bit harder. Harsh comments can help you grow your business, but you also need to learn how to respond to them. You will need to hear all sides of the story, paying attention to the review and finding out with your staff what really happened.

You can also read some other comments from that client so you can do some research on who this person is and how they behave as a consumer: was it an isolated event or this is how they usually conduct themselves? Getting some context might make it easier to respond and remember not to attach yourself emotionally too much when receiving negative comments.

Great Attitude

Part of your reputation and, eventually, the success of your brand will depend on how you respond to others, especially when it comes to negative feedback. Remember: what you put online stays there forever, even if you delete it, so make sure to be kind and respectful. Beingmature and responsible, regardless of whether the customer is wrong or not, will reflect on your business, so stay professional. Take reviews as chances of growing and improving, and make sure to check if the mistake was on your side so it won’t happen again.

Caring About Them

One of the main reasons people leave reviews is because they want their opinions to be heard, so don’t take them for granted and assure them they actually are. No matter the tilt of the review, it always needs to have an answer, and replying to them will lead to important customer loyalty. If you reply to a negative feedback, you might actually increase the chances of that client changing their mind and coming back, so prove to them you take some time and effort out of your day to listen to them and their opinions are valuable.

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