Are You Ready to Open an Exclusive Pub?

Exclusivity has a certain appeal. It implies a bit of a high-end quality and it makes guests feel luxurious, and like they’re part of the cool club, which in turns makes others covet a spot themselves. It’s no wonder a lot of business owners at one point or another, think about turning away from sports bars and going for a more exclusive vibe, but should you actually go through with it? We have some questions you should answer before committing to the change:

Do You Look the Part?

There’s no use in striving for exclusivity if you don’t look very exclusive. It is generally a good idea to keep the establishment in top-notch shape, and when it comes to exclusivity you have to go an extra mile. Is not enough to be clean and put together, you’ll also need to give a sense of upscale style. A good idea is to look at other exclusive bars in your areas, they all probably have a pretty distinct look and feel. Study what they have in common. There are elements in the way they set up or decorate that the public already recognizes as signs of exclusivity. If you incorporate something similar, your audience will immediately get is a cue.

Do You Have the Right Menu?

If you’re selling the exact same thing every bar in town is selling, you won’t be exclusive even if you try. The menu needs to be different, interesting and unique. Think about the kinds of crowds you want to attract, what they usually like and how you can give them the value they want. There’s no need to go overboard and only offer hard-to-find liquors and cocktails. But do take the time to figure out what can set you apart from other bars and turn you into an exclusive pub. It can be a signature cocktail, the way the drinks are presented, or even the theme of the bar.

Is Your Staff Trained?

While in all-inclusive pubs, guests don’t mind if the staff is friendly and goofs around with them, expectations are different for exclusive pubs. There’s a certain distance staff needs to maintain with customers and respect is of the utmost importance. So yes, in a regular bar, no one cares if the bartender is an overt flirt, but in an exclusive bar, this would be frown upon and considered bad taste. Whoever you hired, needs to be aware of the kind of vibe you want to pull and be conscious of their behaviour. Make sure your staff understands what you’re trying to achieve and provide enough training so that they can properly do their jobs.

Is it Worth it?

Owning an exclusive pub can boost your ego as a business person, but you have to really think whether all that effort is actually worth it. If you’re located in a place where the public doesn’t covet exclusivity at all, you might run into a big problem when trying to attract clientele. Furthermore, sometimes exclusive doesn’t immediately translate into higher revenues or a successful business model.

All in all, before marrying the idea of opening up an exclusive pub, take the time to truly study the market and your available resources. Even if you’ve fallen in love with the idea, it might not be the best for you or your business venture.

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